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When like minded folks come together, wonders happen!

VGOTU was merely a spark in the mind of someone who believed in the talent of each five individuals of the present team. Harshit Prakash Kishnani, a common friend suggested an informal meeting which went on to become all about understanding, realizing and pursuing a common goal. A bout of zeal and endless discussions later, team VGOTU was formed.

As Kanika Kishnani, creative and production head at VGOTU recalls, the name of this collaboration was not even finalized when she sat down to design a logo for it. She went on with the flow only to realize that VGOTU was in fact what the team deserved to be called. After all, they truly had got each other and were in for this exiting journey.

At the moment, VGOTU is based out of Mumbai where endless experiments and innovative ideas keep sprouting at the VGOTU SPACE. The team members have grown to function like a family where they cook together, work together and of course click together.

We saw, We captured, V-GOT-U!


Yashwant Joshi (Cinematographer):

Extremely loveable, chirpy and passionate; he truly has an eye for the extraordinary that resides in each ordinary moment.

Anand Fernando (Senior Cinematographer and Editor):

Shy, poised and focused is what best describes him. The storehouse of creative ideas, he successfully executes each new concept through his camera skills.

Kartik Sharma (Photographer):

That Jugaadu tech guy whose makeshift ways always end up creating something wonderful. He brings to the table a unique perspective that draws away monotony and brings in originality and innovation.

Akshay Khatri (Photographer):

A keen observer who is always on the lookout for that one fraction of a second that becomes an awe-inspiring frame. Through his shots, imagination meets reality.

Kanika Kishnani (Creative and Production head):

A knot that binds the team together, her experience and dedication keeps everyone around her motivated to deliver exceptional content that one cannot find elsewhere.


Wedding projects done till date.


People and more work together to make it happen.


Commercial projects done till date.


Photo-books delivered till date.


Amongst the best gear available for photography, the team uses two Nikon D850, Sony A7R3, Canon 5D mark 4, Canon 600 EXRT and the Fujifilm X100S among various others.


Amongst the best gear available for cinematography, the team uses Sony A7 S2, Canon 5d mark 4, and Sony A7 3 among various others.